Face Time with Eli Hansen

The Hedreen Gallery announces the third installment of Face Time, an overnight craft-infused encounter with Eli Hansen on September 25.

Every Saturday for five consecutive weeks, the Hedreen Gallery will be activated with visiting artists, spontaneous performances, installations, and transcendent visions. Face Time artists will develop new contexts for interaction that push interdisciplinary and personal experience beyond the traditional art-viewer relationship. These contexts include late nights, early mornings, and locked doors in between.

Event attendees are encouraged to bring pillows and a sleeping bag.

Face Time events are designed individually by the participating artists, and are intended to reflect each artist’s character uniquely and spontaneously. As such, they do not take the form of a predetermined event, but rather remain reflexive and are not completely set until the event is actually occurring. Artists are encouraged to avoid too structured of engagements with the public, and to embrace the personal experiences that can be fostered in this

Eli Hansen makes objects that tell stories. He makes funny objects, and serious objects. He learned how to make things pretty at a young age. Glass seemed like a natural transition. He studied form, color, technique. He learned to blow hot glass, learned to cut and polish cold glass, and learned steel welding and fabrication. It took many years to learn the vocabulary of these materials, and Hansen feels that he is just now learning to speak with them.

Eli Hansen, I've Made a Lot of Love Out of This One, 2010 Mixed Media Image courtesy the artist and Macarone Gallery.

Hansen lives and works in Tacoma, WA. Recent solo exhibitions include The Company, Los Angeles and Lawrimore Project, Seattle. With brother Oscar Tuazon, he has realized collaborative exhibitions at The Seattle Art Museum, Howard House Contemporary Art (Seattle), The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, NYC, and most recently at the Parc St. Leger Center of Contemporary Art (Pougues-les-Eaux, France) and Western Bridge (Seattle). Upcoming collaborations with Tuazon include The Palais de Tokyo, Paris.


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