Taking It To The Limit

Here at the Henry, we do like to take it to the limit, every time.
Sometimes, as in last night’s Badminton Royale Tournament at On The Boards, that limit is, unfortunately, the early elimination round.

Henry Visitor Services Manager, Eric Carson, and Graphic Design Intern, Ryan Diaz played with style, enthusiasm, grace, and excellent capes.

While we didn’t make it to finals, semi-finals, or quarter-finals — we did bring a lot of enthusiasm to the event, and followed last year’s Best Crowd Cheer Award with the  2010 title of  Most Team SPIRIT. (Congrats to The Hammering SAM for winning the 2010 Best Crowd Cheer award!)

Ryan and Eric meet with the Ref and try to psych out the other team.
"We swing it, we whack it, we're speedy with our rackets..."
Blocking shuttlecocks and winning hearts with our team spirit.
The Teen Tix Cockettes took best costume. They were also eliminated in round 1. But they had heels and head-dresses as an excuse.
The Cornish College of the Arts Team - "Art Schooled"
Associate Curator Sara Krajewski, Henry enthusiast Gina Glascock-Broze, artists Perla Sitcov and Siebren Versteeg discuss the finer points of badminton and spray paint stencil t-shirts.

The final award went to Pottery Northwest – The Kamikaze Birdies (AGAIN)! After 4 hours of intense playing by all teams, it came down to ACT (The Central Beating Lab @ ACT) and Pottery Northwest in the final round.

Many thanks to On The Boards for creating and hosting this lively celebration of our arts community.  We had a terrific time.

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