Tomorrow night… chat with an artist or seven

There is something exciting happening at the Henry tomorrow evening… and what’s even better… it is happening right before something else that is also quite exciting. So, basically, if you haven’t planned your Friday night yet you might consider penciling in an artist lecture and discussion about the exhibition Image Transfer. Seattle University assistant professor of Art History Ken Allen will moderate for a panel of seven artists. So, you can expect to hear from Jordan Kantor, Matt Keegan, Carter Mull, Lisa Oppenheim, Amanda Ross-Ho, Siebren Versteeg, and Erika Vogt, about just what went into the exhibition.

And… I’ll leave a little amusebouche to prefunk your prefunk. Karl, seen <– in the video, will not be on the panel, so check out his interview now!

See you tomorrow  at 5:00 PM in the Henry auditorium, and hopefully also for all that is certain to ensue afterward (have you guessed yet?)…

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