Ready. Set. Draw. Drawing Games with Joey + Dawn

Join us tonight at the Henry Open House for some Image Transfer Inspired Drawing Games with Dawn Cerny + Joey Veltkamp

Telephone Pictionary, a drawing game, like Pictionary, plays with abstract communication strategies, to create a series of loosely associated images. The game can be played by as few as 5 or as many as 15 players.

How to play:

1. Each participant receives a stack of paper.
2. Each player will choose a phrase, lyric, or one-liner and write it on the top sheet of paper then pass it to the person on their left.
3. That recipient of their page then draws a picture of that phrase on the next sheet, placing the written phrase on the bottom of the stack.
4. That, new image then gets passed to the person on their left who then translates the image back into text.
5. This sequence is repeated until every player has translated each phrase.

Games will be played on rotation from 7-9pm. If you want to participate just talk to Joey or Dawn.
We have all the supplies you need. Please don’t bring pens, markers, or any other indelible items into The Skyspace.

For more info on how to play, please watch these instructional videos.

2 thoughts on “Ready. Set. Draw. Drawing Games with Joey + Dawn

  1. I’ve been doing this at workshops for about a year now as a way to develop a very fast crowd-created “exhibit” at the end of a long session. I first learned it as “the best game in the world.” Though “telephone pictionary” is admittedly more descriptive, I like the use of hyperbole in the version I first learned!

  2. The game was a HIT, especially when facilitated by 2 of Seattle’s friendliest and most awesome local artists. The space was filled with drawing and laughter for 2 hours strait. We’re making animated .gifs of all the games to post on our website for people to download.

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