Open Floor

Open Floor is the Henry’s quarterly laboratory of ideas. Part artist survey, part lecture, part rock show, part field game, part control group, each season Henry staff, local artists, performers, and filmmakers present work with the hope of generating new creative relationships and opportunities for exchange. Open Floor encourages experimentation and collaboration by offering participants the opportunity to explore in a new forum. Programs created and presented during Open Floor do not express those of The Henry Art Gallery, but  are instead YOUR opportunity to explore new ideas in whichever format speaks to you. These are not Henry programs – all Open Floor events come from open proposals that are reviewed and selected quarterly. Have an idea? Submit a proposal here. Past Open Floor events include music from Toy Box Trio, a live collaborative art session with W3AVE, Next Dance Cinema Showcase with Velocity Dance, and many more.

Tomorrow’s Open Floor will feature documentary photographer and filmmaker Jackie Renn, who will be presenting her work What is Conscience? The show will consist of Ms. Renn’s work over the past eight years regarding first amendment rights during a time of war. The show also expands into today’s GI resisters and or conscientious objectors, who have been court martialed and jailed for speaking out and standing by their beliefs. Many of these individuals have gone to prison and are listed on human rights watch lists as “prisoners of conscience.”

What is Conscience? invites its audience to interact and question their actions and attitudes towards war. Ms. Renn’s book, Portraits of Conscience : Celebrating the First Amendment During a Time of War 2002-2007, was nominated for a 2008 Robert F. Kennedy book award. In the book Ms. Renn states, ” People who demonstrated in the streets were either ignored by the media or found their numbers under reported in ways that weakened protesters’ efforts and undermined their messages and presence. In the case of these images my hope is to inspire, empower, and encourage others to take part in speaking your truth”. This Open Floor will also have guest speakers, Gerry Condon President of Greater Seattle Veterans for Peace, and Larry Ebersole of Amnesty International Washington State. For more information regarding this event visit

AGAIN These are not Henry programs – all Open Floor events COME FROM OPEN PROPOSALS so send us your idea for the next Open Floor. Submit a proposal here.

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