Speaking of Crushes

SuttonBeresCuller holds the honor of  TeenTix “Crush of the Month” for Rocktober:

Read Malika O.’s excellent post here, on the TeenTix blog.

Oh yeah — and the CRUSHES.
ArtCrush, a region-wide celebration of the arts continues for another two weeks.  Here at the Henry, that means FREE Thursday evening, and Two-For-One Date Night Fridays. Check out enough arts to CRUSH you at ArtsCrush.Org



2 thoughts on “Speaking of Crushes

  1. Hi Betsey!
    This exhibition looks great, and I really look forward to seeing it in person. I absolutely love salon-style display. I am wondering: is the website provided in this video (http://www.henryartexhibits.org/panoptos/) somewhat realtime? In Jen Graves’s preview published on 9/28, she said, “When the museum is closed, the computer brain of Panoptos switches to the web. A virtual joystick is available for online visitors, who each can spend an allotted amount of time traversing the far-off landscape.” Access to this possibility has been very difficult for me to find. The proper link is not readily apparent on the henryart.org website, and the URL provided in this video just seems to be a slideshow of sorts. Can you help me out? I am really curious about the realtime web component of this exhibition, and I can’t seem to find it. Thanks! Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful autumn!

    1. Hi Jamey,
      The online controller for Panoptos isn’t up yet. We’re working on it. As you know, the Henry leaves a lot of room for experimentation and discovery, and in the case of this project — the experimenting and discovering by the artists is still happening. We’ll let you know as soon as the “museum closed” aspect of the online exhibition is available.

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