Silent Echo Chamber

If you have noticed a soft, still, television glow emanating from the windows of the Henry on recent evenings, you are neither alone nor mistaken. The televisions, hung and resting on pedestals in the lobby, each show a familiar head in a familiar setting, but instead of their familiar updates, arguments, and speeches, the heads are silent, save for a few coughs and throat-clears.

These videos of  the downtime between and before the on-the-air time are the found objects in Harry Shearer’s installation, The Silent Echo Chamber. And yes, that is Harry Shearer of the Simpsons, A Mighty Wind, and Little Giants (mmhm, he was in it). So, in addition to having an awe-inspiring voice range and being a talented, hilarious actor, he is also a multimedia artist whose work prompts contemplation about the roles of our political leaders and news correspondents in our daily lives and the amount of media and recordings that have been captured and float around in the world without audiences. At first he was gathering these found object clips and posting them on his website (it still is – you can have a look), and now his work is in the Henry until January 16th, let the glow draw you in…

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