November header: Hank works on his ‘stache

Check out our new Hankblog graphic illustrated by Alexandra Famisaran, winner of November’s header contest! A few words from this talented artist:

“My name is Alexandra Famisaran and I’m an art student over at Cornish College of the Arts. I like animals such as birds, cats, axolotls (so ridiculous!), and other creatures that roam this fair planet. I enjoy wrangling up varmint giraffes on my free time. I hail from sunny California and am lovin’ Seattle.”

[If you do not know what an axolotl is, LOOK IT UP. HOLY COW. IT IS RIDICULOUS.]

Thank you, Alexandra! You make us look good.

And keep those submissions coming! Everyone is welcome to submit a graphic; we’ll publish a new header every month. Here are the guidelines:

  1. materials: a JPG, sized 740 x 192 (pixel dimensions), along with your name, brief biographical sketch, and link to your website (should you have one).
  2. send all that to us at:

Happy making!

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