Give the gift of ART!

Hi Hank friends,

If you’re like me and have yet to complete your holiday gift preparation, do not fret. The Henry has taken its art books and exhibition catalogs off the shelves and put them on some other shelves (well, really more like little rolling book kiosks) where we can finally see them! In addition to seeing them, a delightful experience I have been taking breaks for recently (the kiosks have chairs and benches near them for reading), you may also purchase them and gift them to those special people in your life (in no way excludes yourself). Just carry your favorites over to the front desk and ask about taking them home.

This is a special chance to see the Henry’s publications, as they are not normally on display, but if you’re unable or would prefer to browse via the interwebs, just stay tuned, we’ll post a photo and some info about a different book every other day.

Happy holidays!  -hankblog



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