Seminar on Censorship this Sunday

This Sunday, Henry Art Gallery director Sylvia Wolf will be joined by regional art museum directors Derrick Cartwright (The Seattle Art Museum), Stephanie Stebich (Tacoma Art Museum), and Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker (The Frye) for a panel and community discussion on issues of censorship. Starting off with an introduction from Tacoma Art Museum curator Rock Huscka, followed by a directors panel and a series of small and large group discussions, this afternoon of programming will explore the politicization of the work of gay artists, the silencing of artists through censorship, the spectre of renewed culture wars, and the roles and responsibilities of museums as discursive spaces. Inspired by recent events this past December, this afternoon of discussion was designed to encourage informed discussion and foster a community dialogue within the museum – meaning – the conversation will only be as good as the participants that attend. I encourage you to spend some time reading up on the issues being explored and  join in on the conversation. Lend your voice!

For an archive of articles and statements surrounding the Wojnarowicz controversy visit

Also, as a note to visitors and participants,  there is currently  construction on 15th Ave, but the UW Central Parking Garage is open.
Drivers should allow ample time to find parking and get to the museum.

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