Storefronts Seattle seeking artists for installations, residencies, and creative ventures!

Storefronts Seattle is a community-driven effort dedicated to revitalizing Seattle’s historic neighborhoods of Pioneer Square and Chinatown – International District. The program started in early 2010, when residents of both neighborhoods decided to do something about the growing number of empty storefronts in the area which contributed to public safety issues, a lack of foot traffic, and a low incentive for community engagement.


Following the success of Storefront Seattle’s pilot program, they are now accepting new applications in three categories: Installation (two-dimensional or new-media artworks0; Artist Residency (rehearsal or studio space); and Creative Enterprise (retail art gallery, theatre, museum, etc.) Artists selected for the Installation category will receive $500 per installation. Artist Residency and Creative Enterprise participants will receive the use of prime, street-level retail space at no cost for up to six months.

Artists and arts organizations within 100 miles of Seattle are eligible to apply. The deadline for applications in all three categories is Monday, January 31st at 11.00PM. To apply visit:

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