Feeling Competitive? We’ve got a quiz for that.

For the highly observant and inquisitive: channel your Holmesian detective prowess into…


As part of the spirited exhibition Vortexhibition Polyphonica, artists SuttonBeresCuller created an interactive installation called Panoptos, that invites viewers to engage with the Henry’s collection in an entirely new way. The three artists selected a variety of works from the Henry’s collection that were installed “salon style,” and created a custom-made apparatus  upon which a high definition camera can be moved along the x- and y-axes of the installation. Visitors can steer the camera remotely to capture images of the works on view in detail. Over the course of the exhibition, selections will be tracked and recorded, to form a culminating, and cumulative, work of art.

Inspired by SuttonBeresCuller’s PanoptosHankblog will be selecting stills from the exhibition’s image stream to feature each week on our blog!

And here’s where you come in…

Using the close up image, Henry’s online digital collections, the exhibition guide map (located in the Henry’s East Gallery), and perhaps a few clues from Henry staff, YOU will be asked to provide the title of the work from which the still is taken and the name of the artist who created it.

Ok, so let’s have a practice run…

Q. Name the title and artist of the work from which the following close-up picture was taken

So, then you would look for the work in Panoptos… and you would find it in the lower right corner of the middle wall, and you would learn that it is #43 on the exhibition guide map, and then you’ve got your answer:

A. Animal Footprint Study with Cattle and Goat Tracks and Cow Pies, by the Boyle Family

OR we might tell you the artist was born in Scotland and the artwork was a gift from the Hines Family Collection… and then you would hit up the collections online search and type in / look for ‘Scotland’ and the ‘Hines Family Collection,’ and you’ve got your answer again!

*Email your answers to: info@henryart.org

‘And how does it all pay off?’ you might ask (outside of the fame and admiration you will undoubtedly gain within the blogosphere)

The first two people to guess correctly each week will be invited to a special reception with artists SuttonBeresCuller following the upcoming panel discussion Panoptos Revisited: A Panel on Art and Technology at 7pm on February 4th, 2011.

Stay tuned for this week’s close-up / clue, and good luck!

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