Coming up at the end of the month, the Henry Art Gallery will be hosting (ST)ART. This program celebrates the student contributors to the University of Washington’s art scene by inviting campus arts organizations to engage in an afternoon of experimentation, ad-hoc collaboration, and interdisciplinary co-mingling. The UW accommodates a wide array of entities that promote art creation and collaboration. This campus networking event aims to facilitate inter-organization exposure, and collaboration to further unite the campus arts community.

Current participants include the UW Film Club, SHAG, Bricolage Literary and Arts Magazine, The Collective, Manic Mouth Congress, and iArts who will be programming a variety of activities from student film screenings to performance poetry and Art Trivia games! If you you or your student arts organization would like to participate in this program, please fill out this online registration form. Activities could include tabling, programing a game or activity relevant to your organization, presenting an in progress project your group may be working on, or brainstorm a new project on site!

RSVP on Facebook or for more information on this program and how to register visit henryart.org. Also, if you like this program you might also be interested in startiststartist is an online network & creative commons project organized by The Henry to connect student artists and arts organizers in the Seattle area. Find out more here.

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