Experiments in Participatory Design!

Find out this weekend at the Henry, where there will be three different experiments taking place SIMULTANEOUSLY TOGETHER in which you are cordially invited to participate:

Air Your Dirty Laundry

Do you have a secret that you’ve never shared? Something that you are just dying to reveal? Air Your Dirty Laundry at the Henry, and help us sort and hang the secrets of other participants. You can also get into an artist’s head, and tell us what secrets their artwork reveals.

Alphabet Soup with Xavier

A little silver man is living in the Henry Art Gallery. What is he thinking, what is he feeling? Rearrange, combine, create and build on streams of thought in his bubble. Let us know what his story is, or even better, tell us your story!

Stringing Connections

You will have the opportunity to create and build upon previous connections on a large-scale collaborative map, located near the entry to the gallery.  What pieces in the gallery fit together, how do they connect? Leave your mark on the exhibition, and see the ways that others have interpreted the artwork.

Come and give each activity go, influence the paths they take, and watch a collaborative, cumulative result take shape through your participation!

From 11am – 4pm this Saturday and Sunday

Brought to you by the graduate students of Nina Simon and the University of Washington’s  Museology program.

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