deconstructing the sound guy & the rock star

On Thursday, February 3rd, the talented performance artist and synth pop musician Khaela Maricich (aka The Blow) teamed up with instillation artist Mellisa Dyne to give a lecture on collaboration, pop conventions, and the context-defying goals of their latest concert tour. The tour, which they brought to the Crocodile Cafe on Friday night, combines site-specific improvisation and spatial manipulation, with intricate light and sound design. Those in attendance at Thursday’s lecture were given a “sneak peek” of the performance, with insightful commentary, as well as a discussion of Dyne and Maricich’s unique careers and current artistic trajectories.

The Blow – Make It Up (new song)

The presentation combined elements of music and art history, with sources ranging from Beat Happening to the latest trends in installation art. They braided tour anecdotes with Youtube videos and an in-depth discussion of collaborative techniques. Dyne talked about the “bastardization” of various rock venue roles on their tour — the sound guy, the rock star — whereas Maricich voiced a desire to deconstruct not only pop music conventions, but also her own persona as a touring musician.

They touched upon aesthetic topics as diverse as spectator provocation, fiction-making as it pertains to pop music, and the potential for aural and visual experimentation in a variety of contexts, particularly rock clubs and music venues. All in all, Dyne’s background in audio production, conceptual art, and electronic music, paired with Maricich’s indie-pop appeal and history as a performance artist, made for an enlightening presentation.

– Kimberly Roberts

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