Registration Open for Inspiring Vision: Looking at Photography

The Henry is hosting a hands-on workshop for educators on Saturday March 5th from 10.00am – 3.00pm. During the workshop, educators will experience ways to stimulate lively discussions and open dialogues with their students, using photography as a medium. Participants will also explore how looking and talking about art builds listening, critical thinking and communication skills in their students. This workshop is open to all educators, including K-12 teachers, home school educators, teaching artists and parent art docents.

Participants will:

-Learn effective and engaging ways to take students on a visual journey through a range of photographs and ideas in both a classroom and art museum setting.
-Receive the Inspiring Vision: Looking at Photography Curriculum Guide on a CD-ROM that includes supplemental information, interdisciplinary lessons and images that can be used in the classroom.
-Take time to analyze their curriculum and discuss with other teachers effective ways to include the art on view in character education, life skills, social studies, language arts, and history lessons.

Space is limited, but registration will be open until February 25th

For more information about the workshop, what to expect, and to register click: here

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