“Delicately constructed, marvelous to look at and poignantly elegiac…Francesca was ahead of her time, creating dreamy, multilayered, confessional photographic art in which she stripped herself, physically and psychologically with no small amount of nerve.”

—John Anderson,Variety

This documentary portrait of George (a professor and painter), Betty (a world renowned ceramicist), their son Charlie (an experimental multimedia artist) and daughter Francesca is a family affair unlike any you’ve seen before. Francesca Woodman was an outstanding young artist whose promising photographs impressed not only her art world entrenched parents, but also her peers. She would create some of the late 20th century’s most recognized images. But her fame came after a tragedy that would forever scar the family. Winner of the Best New York Documentary Award at the 2010 Tribeca Film Festival.

Our very own Sara Krajewski will be introducing the 7 0’clock screening of The Woodmans this Sunday at the Northwest Film Forum. Don’t miss it.

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