New: Student Artwork and Literature on the Student Tech Lounge Bookshelf

Bricolage: An artwork created from the resources at hand.

To continue to support student arts initiatives, the Henry has acquired an almost complete collection of all the back issues of Bricolage, the University of Washington’s Literary and Arts Journal (back to ’85 and save for a few missing editions).

Re-birthed from the shelves of the English Advising office in Padelford, they are now available for your artistic enjoyment and inspiration! The journals include student poetry, prose, a one act play, visual art, sculpture, and even sheet music. See the history of this small campus magazine progress from a stapled chapboook to a perfect bound annual publication, and within its bindings, some of the best undergraduate creative work at the UW. Read juvenilia from such now famous writers as Zach Savich and Jay Thompson, now co-editors at Thermos magazine. Read interviews with David Shields, Linda Bierds, and the founders of the Wales Literary Agency. They are works by students for students, so drop in and indulge at your leisure.

The Henry is also home to Bricolage’s open mic series: Quorum! that takes place every second Thursday of the month, which means the next one will be on Thursday, March 10th at 6:00pm. Bring new work, old work, your work, read work, or just sit and listen. Music, comedy, poetry, prose, performance art pieces – all welcome. Admission: free with a chance of free food.

– Adam Farley

Managing Editor, Bricolage

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