Creating Visual Poetry at Kubota Gardens

Rather than abstractly photographing the mountain, it is about how I can create art with what I have drawn from [the mountain], endeavoring to capture its poetic beauty on film.

—Kyo Koike

In partnership with Photographic Center Northwest, the Henry will host a series of workshops inspired by the exhibition Shadows of a Fleeting World: Pictorial Photography and Seattle Camera Club. Taught by PCNW instructors, these hands-on workshops will provide insight into the photographs in the exhibition and explore various aspects of pictorial photography and the photographic process.

Photographers working in the pictorial tradition were often moved to try and capture the essence or spirit of their surroundings rather than make literal records of place and time. And it is with the intent of creating photographic poetry that we’ll explore one of Seattle’s best kept secrets, Kubota Gardens. Working in the spirit of the Seattle Camera Club, we’ll look, listen, think and perhaps even make a few images along the way. Your camera bag should be packed simply; camera and one lens, a sandwich and perhaps a thermos of coffee. Remember that even famous photographers of this era (Imogene Cunningham, for example) worked with the most basic and simple tools. Their images were the result of patient looking and thinking about how they might make something unique from their surroundings.

For more Information on this workshop and to find out how to register visit

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