Explore the Henry Through a Photography Inspired Art Discovery Workshop













The Henry is opening their gallery spaces for young visitors to explore the many photographs currently on view through a new Art Discovery Workshop.  These interactive workshops enable school aged children and their families to interact with the art on view at the Henry through an art making activity!

Last month’s workshop explored the topic of “What is Art?”  The 30 minute tour highlighted several mediums ranging from textiles to sculptures to installation pieces.  One group compared a group of aprons on display with the ones they use at home.  The art making activity focused on abstract landscapes inspired by Stuart Davis’ 1931 Trees and El on view.  The Children reconstructed landscapes from either their memory or an image with only colored paper, scissors, and glue.  By the end of the afternoon everyone, the children, their families, as well as the exhibition guides, left with new perspectives about “What is Art”.

The Art Discovery Workshop on March 13 will be inspired by the new Inspiring Vision Exhibition opening March 5th.  This show emphasize artist’s choices throughout the photographic process. These photographs, along with a few from the Vortexhibition Polyphonica exhibition, encourage discussion-based interaction and interpretation.  Come and join us for this exciting workshop!  Please sign up to reserve your spot on the Henry’s website:


-Rachel Marguet-Smith, Henry Exhibition Guide

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