Experimental choreographer Sarah Michelson and experimental playwright Richard Maxwell team up for the first time and turn their creativity loose on Devotion, a combination of rigorous dance and meditations on faith. Featuring dancers, actors (including beloved OtB alum Jim Fletcher) and Maxwell’s text in a performance that drew rave reviews during its NYC premiere.

Michelson is an outlaw of a choreographer who is rarely seen outside of NYC and Europe. Her debut work at OtB in 2005, Daylight (for Seattle), inspired audiences to leave their seats in search of dancers and musicians set throughout the entirety of the 2nd floor. Maxwell is a legend of the NYC experimental scene, noted for his smart writing and deadpan style. Maxwell was last seen at OtB in 2003 withDrummer Wanted. For more information and a great Performance Prospectus visit the OtB website.

The first person to email us (hankblog at henryart dot org )will win 2 tickets to this thursday’s show!

Congratulations, Matthew Smucker! You are a WINNER!

Need tickets? Call the OtB Box Office at 206.217.9888, Tue – Fri • noon – 6pm  or buy tickets online.

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