A New Header for Hankblog: Thanks, Jon Manning!

Jon Manning designed our newest Hankblog header, using one of the Alternumerics v.4 fonts created by New York-based artist and publisher, Paul Chan, all of which he makes available for download here. The font used for this particular header is THE FUTURE MUST BE SWEET–after Charles Fourier (truetype font + prints, 2001). Chan writes: “Utopian Socialist Charles Fourier thought the world should be organized around our pleasures: everyone should have equal access to affection, justice, and exquisite food. This font reinterprets Fourier’s philosophy into a textual graphic system and gives form to the unique connections Fourier made between radical politics and utopian desires. Different relationships between the letters (and words) develop based on simple changes in word processing: point size, page width, leading and kerning.”

Besides generously designing and gifting blog headers, Jon Manning is a photographer and runs the record label Lost Sound Tapes. More from Jon himself:

Last night I thought to myself, ‘Self, it looks like the HankBlog needs a new header!’ So this is what I came up with. Lately I’ve been busy taking photos for Teatro Zinzanni and running the record label Lost Sound Tapes. LST has a couple new 7″s out now. One is a compilation of four bands (The Microphones aka Mt Eerie, Golden Boots, Bishop Allen, and Paleo) all recorded on a 1940’s pre-magnetic tape wire recorder. It’s a co-release between Lost Sound Tapes, People In A Position To Know (who recorded all the bands), and Alt.Vinyl in the UK. The other is a split 7″ featuring a couple lo-fi outsiders Justin Clifford Rhody and Sam Gas Can. 15 minutes of music spanning 17 tracks including a Velvet Underground cover. Website: http://www.lostsoundtapes.com

Thanks, Jon Manning!

*All our welcome to submit a graphic to become a Hankblog header! Email hankblog@henryart.org with a jpeg/png/gif sized to 740 x 192 pixels along with your name, a brief bio, and a link to your website (if you have one).

One thought on “A New Header for Hankblog: Thanks, Jon Manning!

  1. I can see the relationships between the uppercase characters represented and the words in the font, THE FUTURE MUST BE SWEET–after Charles Fourier, but I can not fully understand some of those between the lowercase characters and the words.

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