Artist Lecture: (Be)Longing

Join curator Mercy Trent and visiting artists Sonny Assu, Diem Chau, Tess Martin, Saya Moriyasu, and Remedios Rapoport for a conversation about (Be)Longing: Opportunity and Apprehension at the Cultural Crossroads on view at the Kirkland Arts Center March 5th – April 9th, 2011.

We live in an increasingly international world where different cultures are coming into contact and intersecting. This crossing of cultural borders inspires a reevaluation of identity and place within society as conventional divisions between heritage, tradition, and identity fall away. The changes brought about by interaction of cultures provide challenging opportunities for redefinition. They are also the source of apprehension as previously held beliefs and cultural definitions change. This exhibit will explore the opportunities and apprehensions produced in a world where cultures collide.

This exhibition is part of the Emerging Curator Initiative, a collaborative program between the Kirkland Arts Center and theUniversity of Washington Museology Masters Program.


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