Yann Novak: Presence

This fridy the Henry will be hosting a performance by Los Angeles based sound, video and installation artist Yann Novak. You may remember him from the Henry’s recent exhibition +Room-Room, curated by Sara Krajewski, where he collaborated with Jamie Drouin to explore how the perception of familiar places can be transformed by sound. Listen to the Podcast here.

Novak’s work utilizes different forms of digital documentation as a point of departure. Through the digital manipulation of these sound and image files, his works serve as a translation from documents of personal experiences into an open ended autobiographical narrative. By choosing subject matter that is also relatable to the audience, Novak’s work creates a hybrid state, balancing between his own personal history and that of the audience.

Presence originated at an event at the Torrance Art Museum that consisted of multiple sound performances alongside durational performance pieces involving the body. The piece originated as a sound performance that used a mixture of recordings taken with a cell phone at different locations as a point of departure. The chosen recordings contained sounds that altered ones perception of the space. These recordings were then digitally enhanced and composed in groups of complimenting or dissonant passages. Adjacent to the sound performance, Taisha Paggett performed her piece Untitled (Gray Scale), a series of bodily gestures, one moving to the next over a 3 hour time. Paggett’s piece influenced the outcome of the sound performance and the interaction between the two has become central to the further development of the piece.

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