Ambient Intimacy at Northwest Film Forum

Make a night of it. Check out Yann Novak’s performance then head on over to the Northwest Film Forum for some ambient Intimacy.

After the Hollywood film and its numerous awards, the words “the social network” are firmly in our vocabulary. Almost weekly news stories herald the loss of privacy due to the proliferation of such social networks. Even US government secrets went public in the form of WikiLeaks! All this raises the question: have we as a culture become intimate with each other? This program will explore ways in which those intimate moments make their way into the public sphere. Ambient Intimacy presents a selection of the web’s most notoriously intimate moments; blogger moms, live interactive Facebook profile construction game, chat roulette on the big screen, and generally a show-and-tell unlike anything you’ve experienced in a theater before.

If you like this then you’ll LOVE the Henry’s upcoming exhibition, The Talent Show opening May 6th. The Talent Show, examines a range of complicated relationships that have emerged between artists, audiences, and participants in light of the competing desires for notoriety and privacy that mark our present cultural moment.


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