Capturing Shadows: Exploring Pictorialism

Have you seen Shadows of a Fleeting World at the Henry yet?
Did you love it?
Do you want to see/hear/know more ?
You’re in luck!

The Henry has two programs coming up that explore the beauty and history of West Coast Pictorialism.

Hiromu Kira. Decorations – Water Plants.

On Saturday, April 2, Join Bridget Nowlin, History of Photography Instructor at the Photographic Center Northwest and Registrar of the Monsen Collection, for a very special opportunity to view selected photographs from the Henry Art Gallery’s collections in conjunction with the exhibition Shadows of a Fleeting World: Pictorial Photography and the Seattle Camera Club. We begin with an interactive tour of the exhibition and then continue the dialogue in the Henry’s Reed Collection Study Center. In the Study Center, we will view and discuss pieces from the museum’s important collection of photographs including works by Alfred Stieglitz and Gertrude Kasebier. Pre-Registration required.

On Friday, April 8th, Join Dennis Reed,curator and the author of Japanese Photography in America, 1920-1940, and co-author of Pictorialism in California: Photographs, 1900-1940, for a disscussion on Pictorialism at the turn of the 20th century. During this time an international Pictorial photography movement began in opposition to the growing prevalence of snapshot photography. Pictorialists used the language of painting, often focusing on the craft of the medium to emphasize photography’s place among the fine arts. Dennis Reed will examine the unique aspects of West Coast Pictorialism, highlighting the work of the Japanese Americans who were a part of this movement prior to their forced relocation at the onset of WWII. More info here.


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