Artist Talk w/ Lucy Pullen TONIGHT

Join Henry Curator Sara Krajewski and  visiting artist Lucy Pullen TONIGHT at 7pm in the Henry Auditorium as they discuss Pullen’s most recent exhibition Lucy Pullen: The Cloud Chamber and Related Works

Lucy Pullen situates her work in the unexpected terrain opened up when the disciplines of visual art, philosophy, and physical science meet. Working with engineers and astrophysicists, Pullen created two new sculptures to act as detectors that present cosmic rays as they pass through our earthly environments. Each geometrically specific chamber contains a distinct atmospheric condition.When a cosmic ray passes through The Cloud Chambera contrail is formed. When a cosmic ray passes through The Spark Chamber, a spark ignites. Exhibited alongside the chambers are drawings and paintings of landscapes, in which the intentionally limited palette emphasizes light and shadow to create form. The juxtaposition allows Pullen to “make analogies” as she says between ‘dark’ matter and a shadow, aesthetic and quantum events, and a cosmic and an aesthetic mark.

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