Black Holes & White Cubes

In conjunction with the exhibition Lucy Pullen: The Cloud Chamber and Related Works, The Henry will be hosting a gallery talk this friday at 7pm with Rebecca Cummins and Jeffrey Wilkes who will discuss the ways in which art and science are used to investigate the unknown.

Rebecca Cummins– Associate Professor in the University of Washington’s School of Art –  explores the sculptural, experiential and sometimes humorous possibilities of light and natural phenomena (often referencing the history of optics) to provoke curiosity in the boundaries between experience and thought, aesthetics and science.  Past installations have incorporated a rainbow machine, camera obscura / fibre-optic journey through the center of the earth, paranoid dinner-table devices (‘Liquid Scrutiny’ referenced a 17th century Czech camera obscura goblet), an interactive computer/video rifle (‘To Fall Standing’ updated French physiologist E.J.Marey’s photographic rifle of 1882) and a periscope birdbath. In the spirit of 19th c. chimeras, portable camera obscuras have merged with garbage bins, flowerpots, portable toilets, birdhouses, mobile homes, televisions and Tibetan cheese boxes.

Light Rain, 2004

Jeffrey Wilkes is the Kenneth K. Young Memorial Professor of Physics at the University of Washington where he teaches courses inApplications of Electromagnetic Theory,Contemporary Optics, and Numerical Methods in Physics. Wilkes is also involved with Super-Kamiokande,  a joint Japan-US collaboration to construct the world’s largest underground neutrino observatory! More info here.

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