How to Disappear in America (Part Two)

The Henry’s upcoming exhibit The Talent Show (May 7th-August 21st), deals with themes of performance, the notions of “private” and “public” space and the act of viewing or being viewed.

So, what better way to explore these themes than through Facebook? Beloved (or resented) by many, Facebook is an increasingly popular and ever expanding forum for meeting friends and reconnecting with old ones. It also gives us an opportunity to tailor our online “selves” by choosing favorite books, movies, TV shows, quotes, and photos that best represent whatever persona we wish to project. We declare our political and religious preferences, and announce the beginning or end of romantic relationships. Consciously and subconsciously, we stitch together digitally fabricated versions of ourselves, created solely for the perusal of our friends, families and coworkers.

In this sense, aren’t our online “selves” already performing on a digital “stage”? Aren’t our Facebook “selves” already public “selves”? Why not take it to a whole new level?

Participating in our web project “How to Disappear in America Part Two” is as easy as “liking” The Talent Show’s Facebook page. This will allow the Henry to access to your Facebook photos to use in exhibition-related blog posts, print materials, and even displayed in Molly’s café at the Henry- who knows where you’ll see YOU next!

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