Book Arts on the Radio (and at the Henry!)

With the onset of summer and the promise of summer reading, the Henry invites you to join us for Shelf Life, an ongoing conversation exploring contemporary independent publishing. Located in the lobby of the Henry, Shelf Life will be hosting a series of visiting small presses, lecture-performances, writers-in-residence, pop-up shops and discussion groups. The Shelf Life program and participants coalesce around a set of questions: Why make something public? What goes into making a publication? How does a publication find its audience? What is the role of the reader in making a publication possible? What are possible futures for independent publishing?

Each month during Shelf Life the Henry invites you to join special collections librarian Sandra Kroupa for a brief history of the book followed by an animated performance of books selected from the University of Washington Book Arts Collection. Each month new objects will be selected, highlighting a different aspect in the life cycle of a book; production, publication, and distribution.

Sandra Kroupa talks with KUOW’s Jeremy Richards, “These days it’s easy to burn all of your books to a CD if you have them in digital form. Soon you may not even need physical books at all. But Sandra Kroupa may change your mind. She is the curator of rare books and book art at the University of Washington. She says that book art offers a hands–on experience that you can only get in person.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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