Hank <3’s H.E.R

Music and art have always been BFF. Thats why the Henry is is happy to be working with the ever-awesome Hollow Earth Radio to bring you a live broadcast of the Henry Open House and an opportunity to participate in a surrealist songmaking project! Hollow Earth Radio is a freeform online community radio station based in Seattle that focuses on underrepresented music and sound,  do-it-yourself ethics/participation, and a geographic / cultural connection to the Pacific Northwest.

Not only will we be piping in the broadcast throughout the museum but it will be available ONLINE for your listening pleasure this friday from 6-11pm! Tune in to hollowearthradio.org and click the listen button to hear live performances from Melanie Valera (Tender Forever), a Found Sound Collage and music from Hollow Earth DJ’s!

TUNE IN TO HEAR: Found Sound Collage: 6-8pm 
Amber Kai Morgan and Garrett Kelly, founders of Hollow Earth Radio will create a collage of sounds using tape cassettes, record players, a loop pedal, laptops and live instrumentation. Sounds are sourced from field recordings, found sound, record skips and loops, local and world music, all infused with live instrumentation using mostly found materials like bottle caps, shells, and stones.

TUNE IN TO HEAR: Tender Forever: Melanie Valera 8pm & 9:30pm 
Tender Forever (aka Melanie Valera) was born and began her artistic life in France. She continues to live an intercontinental existence, artistically and otherwise, and moves between the streets of Bordeaux, where she grew up, and her adopted home town of Olympia, Washington. Her tender, delicate songs bring forth hidden connections between these worlds and occupy the musical landscape in which Melanie Valera became Tender Forever (taking as reference points punk rock, experimental electronica, weird visuals, and collaborations with several fellow K Records artists).
See it live and participate in the H.E.R Surrealist Song-making project from 7-9pm in the Henry’s Cafe. Participants will have a chance to make up a portion of a song on the spot, in a similar way to writing an “Exquisite Corpse Poem.”  Hollow Earth Radio’s Surrealist Songmaking project uses a 4-track analog recorder to capute four recorded musical tracks and assemble them into one song! They will compile the tracks at a later date and email the final tracks to all participants.

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