Eats and Treats at the Henry Open House – Friday, May 6

All that Open House art, music, and dancing making you hungry? In addition to beer provided by Pyramid Brewing and cupcakes by Cupcake Royale, Seattle favorites Shophouse, Dante’s Inferno Dogs, and Molly Moon’s will be parked out by our loading dock with delicious deals on food and snacks.

ZOMG YUM YUM YUM: Shophouse's Tord Mun Pla

Shophouse makes Thai food that respects the traditions and ingredients that make this cuisine so intriguing and delicious. Their menu for the night includes top sellers Nam Prik Pao (chili and fried shrimp paste, toast; $3), Tord Mun Pla (mini curried salmon cakes, cucumber vinegar, fried basil; $5) (in the the photo above!), and Khao Mun Gai (simmered chicken and garlic rice, ginger soy sauce, cucumber; $8). Seriously, I’m getting hungry just writing about it.

In addition Dante’s Inferno Dogs will be serving up their usual awesomeness and Molly Moon’s Mobile Scoop Shop will drop by the loading dock from 8-10 pm.

So head to the loading dock to refuel with some tasty treats and then join us back inside for more dancing, more music, and more ART.

See you tonight!

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