The Emancipated Spectator: Artists and Viewers

Join Henry curator Sara Krajewski this Thursday for the first meeting of the Emancipated Spectator discussion series held in conjunction with the Henry’s exhibition The Talent Show. If you are interested in the major themes of the new show, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the implications in the exchange between participation and contemporary art.

We kick off the first meeting with discussions on the passages Viewers as Producers and Outsourcing Authenticity? Delegated Performance in Contemporary Art and a screening of the films My Way 1 and My Way 2 from The Talent Show. Information on how to obtain the books with the passages of discussion can be found on their individual links or a copy of Participation will be available in the Henry’s Lobby Test Site.  Please RSVP on our Facebook event page.

The Thursday meeting starts at 7pm in the Student Tech Lounge and is free with museum admission.

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