How Would YOU Disappear in America?

This photo was chosen at random from friends of The Talent Show at the Henry's Facebook page.

We asked for your responses to weekly screenings of “How to Disappear in America” in the Student Tech Lounge.  Here is what some of you had to say:

“My new name would be Nora Dawson. I would go to HAWAII! I would bring my best friend and niece Samantha, a swimming suit, my laptop, a couple thousand dollars, AND my chapstick- of course. I would cover my tracks by ditching the cell phone and deleting Facebook!”

“I would bring a change of clothes and money. I don’t know where I would go… anywhere I guess. I would use disguises: wigs, crazy clothes, makeup. I would cut off all communication.”

“I would bring nothing but cash, a computer, sleeping bag and tent. I would travel to a small, rural college town. I would invent a pseudonym, but would not use disguises. Faking your own death would be most effective, because no one would look for you if you did it well. It would be very hard to pull off! Another big obstacle would be inventing a personal back story. I would have to be able to describe my invented hometown, high school and childhood in high detail.”

“In order to make a complete transition and change who you are you must break yourself down completely. You would have to erase all ties, and cut off communications with everyone you know. Then you can start the rebuild phase. I would only bring myself a change of clothes and a little money. I would change my name and develop a fake English accent (or maybe Irish, I’m not sure yet).”

To participate, and to contribute your own response, check out “How To Disappear in America”, screened every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm in the Henry’s Student Tech Lounge. To find out more about this screening, and the Talent Show at the Henry, “like” us at:

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