Northwest Film Forum showing of !Women Art Revolution

Starting this Friday, June 17th, the Northwest Film Forum will be showing the documentary !Women Art Revolution, an exploration of the progression of the Feminist Art Movement in America.

In the 1960s, women artists formed the Women Artists in Revolution (WAR), a coalition to cope with exclusion from museum exhibitions, art journals, educational literature and historical documentation. The cost of this exclusion is still felt today. Deftly combining reportage and personal memoir, !Women Art Revolution is a seminal and groundbreaking documentary.

Regular showings will occur throughout the week until Thursday, June 23rd.

While watching the film, look out for artists Hannah Wilke and Adrian Piper whose works, The Intra-Venus Tapes and Context #7 respectively, are currently on display in the Henry’s The Talent Show exhibition. Also, prepare yourself for the works of Carolee Schneemann coming to the Henry this fall by looking out for her in !Women Art Revolution.

Ticket prices start at $6 and can be purchased at NFF’s website here.

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