Sprout Seattle Now Accepting Entries for Sprout IV

Sprout is a locally sourced community dinner that funds emerging Seattle artists with a vote. Participants pay a sliding-scale entrance fee for which they receive a homemade dinner and a ballot. Diners watch presentations and vote on a variety of proposed artist projects. At the end of the dinner, the artist whose proposal receives the most votes is awarded funds collected at the door. The completed work is then presented during the next Sprout dinner. Sprout IV will be on August 12, 2011 at All Pilgrims Christian Church on Capitol Hill.

Over the course of three sold-out dinners in the past year, Sprout has granted $3,500 to emerging Seattle artists through micro-grants. At Sprout III on May 21st, NEPO 5K Don’t Run was awarded $1000 and Anakbayan Seattle was awarded a mini-grant of $300.

Sprout engages artists from genres of all kinds who live and work in Seattle or King County, and encourages work that is sustainable, local and forward thinking. Sprout IV proposals are due by August 1, 5 p.m. For more information, visit the artist submission page on www.sproutseattle.org.

About Sprout

Sprout grew from and is part of a larger network of micro granting projects that are occurring all through the nation from NYC (F.E.A.S.T.) to Phoenix (Sunday Soup Phoenixville). Sprout is a means of bringing community together to cherish, support and fund the work of local emerging artists. Sprout directly supports emerging artists and contributes to the sustainability of the local arts landscape by making small funds available to artists to complete projects that otherwise would not be possible.

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