The Holy Mountain is Well Underway

David Herbert is working at lightening speed as the Holy Mountain is starting to take shape in the East Gallery. Check out these photos of this excellent progress:

David Herbert with the early stages of the Holy Mountain
Check out all the progress that's been made since just yesterday!
Come by the Henry and see the artist working away for yourself!

And to prepare for your inevitable visit, take a quick peak at the two films that are partly responsible for the inspiration of this work: The Holy Mountain and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. 

As the artist said himself about Close Encounters of the Third Kind,

When I am working on a project I am often reminded of Richard Dreyfuss’s possessed madness as he builds the likeness of Devil’s Tower in his living room out of dirt from the front yard. Perhaps this is a romantic view of an artist having this sort of reckless abandon and hidden purpose to creating art.”

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