How Would YOU Disappear in America?

This photo was chosen at random from friends of The Talent Show at the Henry's Facebook page.

We asked for your responses to weekly screenings of “How to Disappear in America” in the Student Tech Lounge. Here is what some of you had to say:

“Easy. I would just come back to China.”

“I would bring a violin, music, and cash, and would probably travel to California. I would invent a pseudonym or use a disguise. I would let family and friends know what was going on. It would be hard to remain anonymous if the police did a search. I would fake my death perhaps? I would try to stay underground or out of the public eye for a year.”

“I would learn some French and go to Montreal, Quebec.”

“In order to disappear from my current lifestyle, I would hitchhike out of state, bringin with me only the clothes on my back and some cash- Christopher McCandless style. I would just disappear. No disguise. No pseudonym. BYE!”

To participate, and to contribute your own response, check out “How To Disappear in America”, screened every Saturday from 1pm to 3pm in the Henry’s Student Tech Lounge. To find out more about this screening, and the Talent Show at the Henry, “like” us at:

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