SHARK WEEK (News from the Fin) David Herbert & Sandra Kroupa

Introducing SHARK WEEK*, new feature about the FIN (so-called due to its fin-like appearance, which has even prompted one designer at the Henry to describe it as “the fin of a mighty orca”), our double-sided bulletin board at the front of the Henry. You might notice it when you walk in, and as well you should. The FIN is where we display posters concerning upcoming events at the Henry. We thought it would be a nice to share the FIN posters on Hankblog. Because we have a lot of exhibitions and events to talk about, you’ll almost always see new posters going up on a weekly basis. Check the blog every now and then to see what we have up, or better yet, visit the Henry to see the posters for yourself.

– – – – –

You’ve probably already read about David Herbert’s open studio at the Henry as he works on The Mystery of the Holy Mountain. You’ve probably already admired the amazing photos of his residency taken by our very own curatorial intern Amelia Hooning on the blog. Now you can feast your eyes on the poster by our very own design intern Mike Pham. David’s last day at the Henry is this Sunday (July 17th), so make sure to drop into the East Gallery to say hi at the same time you’re captivated by the poster out front.

– – – – –

After a successful weeklong residency by Portland-based Publication Studio, up next on the Shelf Life schedule is the first of a monthly series of presentations by Sandra Kroupa, the Book Arts & Rare Book Curator for the University of Washington Libraries Special Collections. This Sunday, July 17th, from 2-3 pm, Sandra will present a talk inside the Shelf Life space (aka the Henry lobby) titled “Book Arts: A Performance Exhibition”, giving a brief history of the book, discussing the books already on display, and bringing new works from the Book Arts collection to ‘perform’. If you haven’t heard the legendary Sandra Kroupa speak about books, don’t miss this. Her views on art and books and instances where the two intersect are sure to provoke discussion and curiosity. In fact, you can catch both Sandra’s talk and see David Herbert on the last day of his open studio on the same day (this Sunday!). Best of all, Sandra’s talk is free!

– – – – –

*This concludes the first installment of this week’s Fin Post. Here at the Henry, we live every week like it’s Shark Week.

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