“Exploring the limits of privacy at Henry’s ‘The Talent Show'” on KPLU

Stranger (6) 1999 by Shizuka Yokomizo

The Henry’s current exhbition, The Talent Show, was featured on Seattle’s radio station KPLU Sunday morning. In case you missed this great broadcast, you can hear it at the KPLU website accompanied by discussed videos and photos.

Radio reporter and host Jennifer Wing ponders the themes as well as specific works of The Talent Show including questions on the new idea of privacy and professional examinations of the societal draw to the spotlight. The exhibit raises a lot of questions ranging from how much should we put on display to what happens to our images once they are out there. The reporter’s final warning is if we don’t take control and manage our social media selves, someone else eventually will.

The review includes audio snippets of several Q&As among which include curator Sara Krajewski weighing in on the exhibition’s themes and specific works, and artist Amie Siegel, who discusses her process of creation for her displayed video works, My Way 1 and My Way 2.

The Talent Show examines a range of complicated relationships that have emerged between artists, audiences, and participants in light of the competing desires for notoriety and privacy that mark our present cultural moment. For almost half a century, artists have modeled and exploited these desires and dramatized the complex dynamics that surround them, often engaging people to participate in their work—both with and without their knowledge.

Some upcoming events for The Talent Show are The Emancipated Spectator: Broadcast yourself, part 1 (Video and TV) on July 21 at 7Pm and its partner event The Emancipated Spectator: Broadcast yourself, part 2 (Art, Enterntainment and Reality) on August 25, also at 7Pm. Join Henry Curator Sara Krajewski for this series of casual discussions on readings and films focused around the themes explored in The Talent Show. Check out the full details and RSVP at the Henry’s website.

The documentary We Live in Public reveals the effect the web is having on our society, as seen through the eyes of “the greatest Internet pioneer you’ve never heard of”, artist, futurist and visionary Josh Harris. This special film screening will feature an introduction from King of the Web CEO and online marketing pioneer, Maggie Boyer-Finch who will be discussing the launch and development of King of the Web, a site which is redefining what celebrity means in a digital world. You can join us for this event on August 5 at 7PM. Click here for admission prices and more info.

We Live in Public trailer

And last but not least, the Henry Art Gallery invites you to join artist James Coupe for a screening and discussion of the artist’s recent work with ‘surveillance cinema’ in (re)collector, Surveillance Suite, and the web-based work Today, too, I experienced something I hope to understand in a few days. Surveillance Cinema: James Coupe will be held on August 11 at 7Pm. Check out our event posting for admission prices and more info on the artist.

Sneak peak of Surveillance Suite

You have oodles of chances to see the widely talked about The Talent Show until its closing on August 21. And, in an excellent example of some of the exhibition’s themes, go ahead and like it on its Facebook page.

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