Hey, Let’s Talk!

Attention all who enjoy reading! The Henry has two opportunities for you this week to share your thoughts with other people…who also happen to enjoy reading!

First up, The Emancipated Spectator: Broadcast yourself, part 1 (Video and TV), a casual discussion with curator Sara Krajewski focused around the themes explored in our current exhibition, The Talent Show. This month we will be scrutinizing David Joselit’s writing The Video Public Sphere as well as the films Network and Martha Rosler Reads Vogue. You can come share your thoughts and opinions with us this Thursday, July 21, at 7pm in the Student Tech Lounge. RSVP online!

Soon to follow is Gentle Reader in conjunction with our new Shelf Life exhibition. Gentle Reader is a conversation between the reader and the book. It is also a collection of essays on publication and a reading group. Gentle readers will convene monthly to discuss selected texts during Shelf Life in the Henry’s Lobby space at 2pm. This month’s meeting will be this Sunday, July 24. Click here for a list of the texts to be discussed. (Ed. note: This week our starting point will be the Preface and Chapter 1 of Samuel McChord Crother’s The Gentle Reader, published in 1903. It’s available online — see link above — or we’ve made available some photocopies that you can pick up in Shelf Life the next time you’re at the Henry.)

Hope to see you all at these two awesome programs! Enjoy this adorable little treat from us!

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