SHARK WEEK (News from the Fin): The Emancipated Spectator, Gentle Reader and The Digital Eye Public Tour

It’s another seven days at the Henry: and that means it’s time for another SHARK WEEK, the weekly feature that’s exactly like the other shark week except without sharks and instead we give you posters. Posters, that is, that go in the Henry’s Fin, which you can see in the first installment. David Herbert’s Open Studio ended last Sunday (but his exhibit is still going strong!) and Sandra Kroupa’s Book Arts talk on Sunday kicked off the monthly Performance Exhibitions series for Shelf Life. So that means THE FIN NEEDS FRESH POSTERS and this week, it’s a trilogy!

– – – – –

First up is an event that’s happening in a couple hours: The Emancipated Spectator: Broadcast Yourself, Part One: Video & TV in which Henry curator Sara Krajewski leads a casual discussion group focused around the themes explored in the current exhibition The Talent Show. You’ve got a couple hours to research the recommended readings (David Joselit – The Video Public Sphereand films Sidney Lumet’s Network and Martha Rosler Reads Vogue.

Hey, Sara, may I suggest this classic? Just kidding. If you can’t make it tonight: check out the next installment here.


THE SECOND SHARK FEEDING is for Shelf Life’s Gentle Reader series. The first book to be discussed for the Gentle Reader series will, not-so-coincidentally, be the book The Gentle Reader by Samuel McChord Crothers. Jenna already talked about this event but let’s use our Shark Vision on this poster and see some gentle readers in the Shelf Life space in the Henry’s lobby test site. So gentle! Meet you there on Sunday at 2:00!

– – – – –

MMM, SHARK DESSERT! The last poster for this Shark week is for a Public Tour of the new Henry exhibition The Digital Eye: Photographic Art in The Electronic Age  curated by Henry Director Sylvia Wolf. And guess who’s leading this public tour: Sylvia Wolf herself! RSVP for this event here (scroll to the bottom and fill out the form!) and get an all access look at the show through the curator’s point of view. Space is limited—and the deadline to sign up is this coming Tuesday!


Here at the Henry, we live every week like it’s Shark Week!

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