Staff Art Exhibitions Opening Soon!

Come support some Henry staff art this Thursday and Friday at their opening receptions!

While you’re in Pioneer Square this Thursday for Art Walk, head over to Gallery 110 to see Eric Carson’s new exhibition Share, Remix, Reuse, based on a slogan used by the creative commons worldwide community.  Artists Eric Carson and Kevin Marshall will show how the global movement of remixing is alive for the visual arts right here. The artists have taken each others’ works and remixed them to great effect. Click here for a preview of the exhibition.

Share, Remix, Reuse‘s opening reception during Art Walk, with DJ Amber Kai, is ongoing from 5-8PM, music beginning at 6PM. This exhibition is open until August 27th.

The following night, August 5th, is the opening of Bob Rini’s exhibition Think Ink at Gage Academy of Art. Local artists, cartoonists and graphic illustrators exhibit pen and ink artworks that display exceptional technical skill and creative, narrative story lines. Working with the constraints and possibilities of the fluid nib and inkwell, artists David Chelsea, David Lasky, Bob Rini, Jim Woodring and more dazzle the viewer with complex compositions and unexpected shifts in perspective.

Don’t miss the concurring guest lecture with artist David Chelsea August 5, at the opening reception. You can come check out this exhibition starting Friday until September 5th.

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