Shelf Life: Bookmaking with Joshua Beckman and a reading by Hitomi Yoshio and Steven Karl

Since July 31, Wave Books has been hosting bookmaking tutorials and readings every Sunday in Shelf Life. These combination workshops/readings with different guest poets and translators are modeled after Cuban cigar factories, in which the workers are read to, out loud, while they work with their hands. The books that visitors are helping to make will be featured in Wave’s upcoming Annual Poetry Festival: Poetry in Translation being held November 4-6 at the Henry.

Today’s readers were special guests Hitomi Yoshio and Steven Karl, who read a beautiful short story by Mieko Kawakami recently translated by Yoshio. Hitomi Yoshio is a PhD candidate in modern Japanese literature at Columbia University and works as a translator and interpreter in New York and Tokyo. She was most recently involved in the launch of Monkey Business: New Voices from Japan (2011) and her translation of Mieko Kawakami’s work is forthcoming in the second issue of Monkey Business in 2012. Steven Karl is the author of the chapbooks emissions/of (H_NGM_N), (Ir)Rational Animals (Flying Guillotine Press) and State(s) of Flux (Peptic Robot Press). He has poems forthcoming in Forklift, OH, Pax Americana, and EOAGH. He is the news editor for Coldfront Magazine, poetry editor for Sink Review, and a co-curator of Stain of Poetry.

Ready to make a book while literature and poetry fills your ears? There will be one more workshop and reading next Sunday, August 21, featuring a reading by Christine Deavel, co-owner of Open Books in Wallingford. The tutorial on bookmaking will begin at 1 pm.

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Shelf Life is the Henry’s summer ode to BOOKS and READING. From July 1 – October 16th, the Henry has invited book lovers from various fields — independent publishers, librarians, poets, writers, designers, and, most importantly, readers — to share with us what they do and why they love to do it. For a complete list of Shelf Life related programming, please visit this page.

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