How Would YOU Disappear in America?

This photo was chosen at random from friends of The Talent Show at the Henry's Facebook page.

We asked for your responses to weekly screenings of “How to Disappear in America” in the Student Tech Lounge. Here is what some of you had to say:

“Disappearing is easy. Do not sign up for a Facebook. Contribute nothing to YouTube. I would bring along my bicycle nicknamed “The Mighty One”. I would go to the gym. Never pay taxes to cover your tracks.”

“I would bring my little stuffed wolf, cut my hair short and start wearing makeup and gain or lose weight. To avoid residence, but maintain hygiene, I would join a 24 hour gym. I would shower and work out at night to stay off the streets.”

“I would get a lot of cash- lots, and pay off all bills. I would get rid of the car and buy a very sturdy bike. I would start riding towards the West Coast. To disappear, don’t call anyone. Abandon email. LIVE.”

Don’t miss the last screening of “How To Disappear in America”, this Saturday from 1pm to 3pm in the Henry’s Student Tech Lounge. To find out more about this screening, and the Talent Show at the Henry, “like” us at: And don’t forget to visit The Talent Show before it closes on August 21st!

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