The Emancipated Spectator Rocks On!


This month’s Talent Show discussion group, The Emancipated Spectator: Broadcast yourself, part 2 (Art, Entertainment and Reality), will meet in the lobby of Rock Box Karaoke this Thursday, August 25, at 7pm.
Come embrace Karaoke culture and talk about the Talent Show.

Join Henry Curator Sara Krajewski for a casual discussion focused around the themes of participation, exhibitionism, and voyeurism explored in the recently departed exhibition, The Talent Show. Using the exhibition as inspiration, the group will discuss the following readings and films:

Neil Gabler – Life the Movie
Walter Kirn – Little Brother is Watching

David Holzman’s Diary and Benny’s Video

This final gathering will be a casual meet up at Rock Box Karaoke, which we felt was appropriate as an example of the quest for momentary fame…and we love Karaoke! Rock Box is located at 1603 Nagle Place in Capitol Hill.

The films selected for this program — including selections such as David Holzman’s Diary (Jim McBride), Benny’s Video (Michael Haneke), Network (Sidney Lumet), Calendar (Atom Egoyan), France/Tour/Detour/Deux Enfants (Jean-Luc Godard), and Martha Rosler Reads Vogue (Paper Tiger Television) — were chosen by exhibiting artist and filmmaker Amie Siegel to accompany The Talent Show. Each of these films—from a mock verité sixties film diary to an epic, uncannily Brechtian series for French Television, to the macabre sensibility of Viennese feature filmmaking— consider the individual broadcast of self from private spaces, the role of media technologies in documentation, and the seemingly elastic nature of privacy and subjectivity. These films also share a key television trope that also arises in the My Way videos on view in The Talent Show, the direct address. This discursive mode is played to the viewer via product pitches, news reports, and screen tests.

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