Flashback: Matthew Buckingham

Back in the summer of 2008, the Henry was the proud host of Matthew Buckingham: Play the Story. Henry-goers may recall his three, historically themed video installations: Mary Wollstonecraft, an 18th-century woman of letters; Louis Le Prince, a Frenchman who invented a prototypical motion picture projector in the last decades of the 19th century; and Charlotte Wolff, an early 20th-century feminist activist exiled from Nazi Germany. Buckingham turns a critical eye towards the ways past events and characters come to be represented after being subjected to political and social influences, anecdotal conjecture, and the multiple, coincidental timelines of history. Each video was accompanied by a specific installation in order to engage the visitor physically in addition to visually.

Flash forward to today and our past Matthew Buckingham‘s installations have moved on, but this time to New York City. His In the Spirit of the Letter piece, honoring feminist Mary Wollstonecraft and her writings, particularly “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman,” has found a new home at the Brooklyn Museum. A mention of the opening earlier this week in the New York Times also states that “the show includes a small collection of ephemera and books documenting Wollstonecraft’s life and work, put together from objects lent by the New York Public Library.”

If you just happen to be in New York in the near future, you can catch this work again until the show’s closing on January 8, 2012.

Matthew Buckingham and Kate Miles rehearsing. Matthew Buckingham, The Spirit and the Letter. 2007. Continuous video projection with sound. Photo: Romain Forquy. Courtesy of Film and Video Umbrella

If New York happens to be a little out of your jurisdiction for the near future, Buckingham has another great show opening this weekend at the Or Gallery in Vancouver BC (only two hours away). Creative Destruction is on view from September 10 through October 22, 2011. Read more about this more local exhibition at the Or Gallery website.

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