A fond farewell Hank!

Well, the summer is wrapping up and so is my internship. It is time for this blogger to move on to other adventures. We’ve had some good times, Hank, and so many memories among my 40+ posts in the past 3 months.

Do you recall “Hey, Let’s Talk!” when I gave you the gift of puppies that still warms my own heart”? Or how about “‘Watching the Detectives’ – Works from the Henry featured on History Detectives this Friday” when I randomly added a live performance by Elvis Costello for no other reason than ‘Detectives’ was in the song’s title. I have to include “Salavon, Playboy Centerfolds, and Golems…Oh My!” among my favorites list simply because I got to associate Playboy and Golems with the Wizard of Oz (even though the added photo gave me quite a headache in how much it was messing with the format). All good times.  

These last three months have been great with the Henry folks, but they won’t be seeing the last of me. I’ll still be meandering around the Seattle area and promise not to be a stranger. But, for now Hank, this is goodbye and farewell! I leave you with these final words: life can never be wrong when you Google puppies.

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