Meow and Welcome SeaCat!

SeaCat  (short for Seattle Catalog) is here, and totally made my morning with a supreme level of AWESOME.
I encourage you to check it out, and hopefully it makes your morning a lot brighter like it did mine.

From their website:

1. What is Seacat?

Seacat is an abbreviation for Seattle Catalog, LLC. Seacat is both an art project and a for-profit company. As a for-profit company, Seacat (Seattle Catalog, LLC) takes the form primarily as a tri-yearly sales catalog for artwork by different artists. As an art project, it is a collaboration by Gretchen Bennett,Wynne Greenwood and Matthew Offenbacher. Seacat is also a yearly artist grant, created by gathering a percentage of each artwork sold through the catalog.

2. Who is involved in Seacat?

Seacat was founded by artists Gretchen BennettWynne Greenwood andMatthew Offenbacher. These three artists are members of the LLC, and currently operate as directors of Seacat. Seacat also has a rotating advisory board. For 2011-2012, the board members are Yoko OttJessica Powers,Matthew Stadler and Michael Van Horn. Each catalog includes the work of about different artists. Artists included in Seacat #1 are Gretchen BennettDawn CernyAndy FallatWynne GreenwoodJenny HeishmanAllison Hrabluik,Margot Quan KnightKatherine McLeodMatthew OffenbacherOng Ong, Elizabeth Payne, Clyde PetersenKristen RamirezRed76 and Claude Zervas.

From the print edition (available for download or mailorder for $2) SeaCat 1, a sample page:

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