More Merce

Inspired by the Shared Sensibilities lecture? Needing more Merce in your life? Attend some of (or all) other Merce Cunningham events happening in Seattle.

Merce Cunningham, whose legendary career spanned over 60 years, was born in Centralia, WA and attended Cornish College of the Arts. With an artistic career distinguished by constant innovation, Cunningham expanded the frontiers not only of dance, but also of contemporary visual and performing arts. When Merce Cunningham died in 2009, he left behind a Legacy Plan, which is a manual for the transitioning of his Company following his death and the preservation of his oeuvre. Although his dance company will live on, the  Legacy Tour  is the final opportunity to see the dance company which he personally trained. This Tour showcases seminal works from throughout Cunningham’s career and is making two stops in Seattle!

Merce Cunningham Dance Company Legacy Tour 

Thurs, October 27
7:30 pm
The Paramount Theatre

Sunday, October 29
8:00 pm
The Paramount Theatre

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The Northwest Film Forum will also be screening Ocean which is documentary by Charles Atlas. In September 2008 Merce Cunningham staged Ocean, one of the most ambitious works of his legendary 60-year career, within a massive Minnesota granite quarry. Renowned filmmaker and longtime Cunningham collaborator Charles Atlas was there, using five cameras to document this uniquely epic production.

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Wed, October 26
8:00 pm
Northwest Film Forum

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